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Shower Caps Australia

Welcome to So Pretty Shower Caps! Established in 2002 by Carolyn Kenny and proudly Australian, these shower caps have long replaced the dowdy disposable plastic hotel freebies and have stood the test of time for reliable quality, longevity and value! A beautiful and quality shower cap has become an accepted standard hair accessory to protect your tresses as well as a must have item as part of your bathroom décor.

Sleep Caps, Head Wraps, Sleep Masks and more.

Superior Quality

Made For All Hair Types

Totally and meticulously hand made in Australia using quality materials, the selection of beautiful fabrics and trimmings on offer make it difficult to decide on just one! This leaves you to make the decision on whether you are matching a bathroom, style, or personality with your selection of shower cap or accessory.

So Pretty Shower Cap fabrics are sourced worldwide with particular focus on quick drying fabrics like Sheers, Satins, Taffetas, and Organzas for example. Here you will find not only Shower Caps for Ladies and Girls, which is what you would expect, but also shower caps for Men and Boys! These days more Men are looking after their hair and don’t necessarily want it wet every time they shower, so a more masculine style shower cap for Men is the answer! This also is a more acceptable solution than using a frilled edge Ladies design or one of those ugly disposable plastic items we used to think was the only option (other than perhaps a plastic bag over your head!). Of course some Ladies prefer a less “girly” look and opt for what I call the Mens design having no frilled edge, and that is ok. Being a hand made product, So Pretty Shower Caps can create a Mens design in any other fabric from the range, so Ladies if you wanted a “no frills” quality shower cap in another design from the Ladies range, it can be done!

Featured Products

So Pretty Shower Caps accommodate a lot of hair as a standard size to create a bouffant style look. There is even an XL Shower Cap option for extremely long hair, longer dreadlocks or simply if you want more room or to be able to use rollers under your shower cap. Excellent quality elastic is used for a comfortable yet not overtight/overbearing fit and the inner lining is a soft durable plastic that has no offensive smell that some other plastic shower caps tend to have.

Quality Fabrics

Fantastic fit, Great Look

The So Pretty range is ever evolving, with some fabrics available only as a short run, others are restocked and have long term availability. Sequins, Diamantes, Animal Prints, Polka Dots, Florals, Abstract, and simply plain colours in Bold and Pastels create an incredible range of options to choose from. Even if there isnt quite the colour combination you are looking for, the fact that So Pretty Shower Caps are hand made makes it possible to request something unique for yourself! Shower caps are an excellent and practical gift idea for Ladies of all ages, personalised shower caps even more so with Embroidery also being an option. Embroidery ideas could be a Nickname, First Name, a funny quote, or Birthday Age (if you dare!).

We don't rest on our laurels!

So Pretty Shower Caps are also a fantastic gifting idea for Corporate Events, Bridal Showers, Gift Bags for example. The possibilities are as limited as your imagination whenever there are groups of Ladies getting together!

Other products in the So Pretty Range includes Sleep Bonnets/Night Bonnets, Towelling Caps, Microfibre Hair Turbans, Sleep Masks and Head Wraps. Sleep Bonnets made with a layer of Satin to protect your hair so that it doesn’t become a tangled mess overnight. Towelling Caps are suitable for keeping wet hair up and out of the way whilst applying makeup, and are way easier and more manageable than wrapping a full bath towel over your head and trying to keep it there! So Pretty Sleep Masks are a lovely gift idea too, these can be personalised as well or a matching set with a Shower Cap can be selected here.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the So Pretty Shower Caps range as much as I enjoy creating them! Since 2002, So Pretty Shower Caps have adorned bathrooms all over the world which is rather amazing when you think about it! There is something for everyone here, and then more options if not…just ask!