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XL Ladies Shower Caps

Here you can create your own design in XL sizing, or personalise a shower cap to your liking.

So Pretty Shower caps are generously oversized as a standard fit. (Check out the "About my Shower Caps" page for a photo example).
But sometimes even this is not enough!! Now a shower cap is available that is glamourous to wear rather than resorting to a plastic shopping bag!
This XL size is recommended for extremely long (eg lower back) / unusually thick hair, or to accommodate dreadlocks to middle back.
The ribbon bow is larger to complete the XL look :)... read more... read more

Extra Large

My standard shower cap size for Adults is already an oversized design and accommodates a substantial amount of hair with ease. (See the example photos on the "About My Shower Caps" section of the website). But I recognise there is a need for an even larger shower cap, and a quality one at that! It needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of the extremely long tresses or dreadlocks. Hence the XL is the answer. My XL shower caps are approximately 30% larger than the standard So Pretty size and can be in either the Ladies filled edge design or as the Mens plain design.

Ultimately I will have a standard XL range of designs on offer here as well, but presently you can order whichever fabric you prefer from my range from the designs and fabrics currently on offer throughout the website, or create you own combination of colour and style. These can also be embroidered as an additional option. Please check with me first to ensure I have enough fabric available for your selection though.

Embroidered and Personalised Shower Caps

Another option for all styles of shower caps is to personalise them with embroidered text or images! Quoting nick names, a simple pattern, or a quirky and fun comment are but a few ideas! An embroidered shower cap is an excellent gift idea for Hens Nights (hence the "Bride" shower cap listed here), special birthdays eg 40th, 50th. A thankyou gift for a Teacher, or Coach!

Please note I am limited to a single colour thread and what size or amount of text I can embroider, so bare this in mind if you require several words. The more text required, the smaller the font will be. Font styles are variable and I can do my best to accommodate a certain style of font, eg Script, Italics or a more formal text. In some circumstances a font may be selected, but the software does not produce a particular letter in that font. Usually a second similar option can be found when this occurs. If you don't advise any particular style of font I will decide which may be the most suitable according to the text that is required. Mostly I will try to match the font as shown on the website example.

An embroidered shower cap is also a point of difference for a corporate gift! They are a great idea for an end of year team gift for ladies sports such as netball and hockey, in fact any activity that involves a group of ladies since shower caps appeal to women of all ages!

Personalised shower caps can be created for Corporate events, Fun Runs, Fund Raisers. Over the years I have created sets of matching shower caps for participants who are supporting charities via these sorts of events. So it just proves you can have fun whilst helping others in the process! So Pretty also can assist with fund raising for your school or charity, and is more than happy to offer shower caps as a method of helping with your cause. This can easily be arranged by contacting me. You would need to organise the complete order for me to process and as a result make a reasonable margin per shower cap for your cause. A much more fun and creative way to fund raise than selling chocolates and raffle tickets don't you agree?!!

Supplying shower caps in large quantities for special occasion, conference or corporate event gift bags is also another option to consider. Again a shower cap is a fun yet practical gift idea that will leave a lasting impression upon the recipients! Particularly if you have a colour theme or have them personalised for the event. It may well be a hair and beauty conference for example, or even a conference that has more serious tones where a fun gift will add some joy and break the ice! (Especially if everyone is asked to wear them!).

FLAT RATE SHIPPING for any quantity to your destination! See Shipping Page for details