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XL Ladies Shower Caps

Here you can create your own Ladies So Pretty design in XL sizing, or personalise a shower cap to your liking.

So Pretty Shower caps are generously oversized as a standard fit. (Check out the "About my Shower Caps" page for a photo example).
But sometimes even this is not enough!! Now a shower cap is available that is glamourous to wear rather than resorting to a plastic shopping bag!
This XL size is recommended for extremely long (eg lower back) / unusually thick hair, or to accommodate dreadlocks to middle back.
The ribbon bow is larger to complete the XL look :)... read more... read more

(If you are looking for a “no frills” XL shower cap, you will find them available in the Mens Shower Cap Category else contact So Pretty to ask for fabric availability) When So Pretty Shower Caps was established, it was not long before there were requests for an even BIGGER shower cap than the standard generous size that So Pretty has a reputation for. The search is over and it is possible here! The So Pretty Extra Large shower cap is approximately 30% bigger than the standard So Pretty Ladies design. Even though the standard size can accommodate a great deal of hair, this XL size is for extremely long hair, longer Dreadlocks and for those who want to have rollers in their hair and protect their tresses whilst showering/bathing. They are also very useful to keep your hair up whilst applying makeup, especially when there is so much hair to keep up and away from your face! Another very useful application for a So Pretty Shower Cap is when you apply treatments to your hair as the warmth of the shower cap helps the treatment penetrate your hair better, hence making it more effective. Afterwards you can give your shower cap a gentle hand wash to rinse any remaining product on the inner lining. The So Pretty XL Shower Cap is especially useful for Ladies with dreadlocks and keeping those dreadlocks protected whilst showering. As you can imagine getting them wet would take forever to dry so who wouldn’t want to avoid that! The bonus is that having an XL shower cap doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or appearance. You CAN look glam being seen in a shower cap, or being caught out in the bathroom unexpectedly! There is such an assorted range available here at So Pretty Shower Caps, you will be delighted with the options and spoilt for choice! From fabrics with a bit of sparkle, satin prints, polka dots (including one for the Minnie Mouse fans, red with white polka polka dots), florals and plain colour combinations. Designs will come and go over time as fabric stock ebbs and flows, so if there is a design you like now, it is best to tag sooner rather than later to avoid missing out and the disappointment of that lost opportunity! What an asset having extremely long hair is, and the search is over looking for a shower cap that ticks all the boxes as far as looking after that hair. The So Pretty Shower Cap is a quality hand made hair accessory that keeps your hair frizz free, and looks great just hanging around in the bathroom when not in use! You would not want to be washing/wetting such longer hair every time you shower, just imagine how much time you save keeping it dry more often than not! The So Pretty XL Range has grown over time, with many more styles to choose from these days. They are all made with quality fabrics that dry quickly if left hanging in a good place to do so. Two of the popular golden oldies are the Wild Cat leopard print and the Dottie, Pink with smaller Black polka dots. Leopard print has never seemed to go out of fashion, and as a shower cap is a fun yet practical hair accessory! Just as Pink with Black polka dots has been a common combination since the 50’s, quite a vintage look! Prints and fabrics will come and go, which is the beauty of So Pretty being a boutique business - it is ever changing and evolving. There is also the flexibility of creating a shower cap to your liking if nothing exactly appeals. The “Design Your Own” option is available and I am more than happy to help you create your special edition shower cap! This is particularly helpful if you are after a certain colour combination, or wanted a personalised shower cap with embroidery as well. For a special gift this is a way of making it even more unique and a one off design! Some people like to match colours in the bathroom, or other décor, even a favourite colour or football team colours! Anything goes but whatever it is, a practical and fun gift is the result (not to mentioned meticulously hand made!)

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