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About My Shower Caps

So Pretty shower caps are meticulously hand sewn using quality fabrics.  I use extra width braided quality elastic rather than your average elastic for longevity of the product. This also creates a comfortable fitting shower cap.

Most importantly of all, they are WATERPROOF and they CAN get wet! My shower caps are lined with a soft durable plastic. The fabrics used are generally quick drying (and they look gorgeous just hanging around too!)

If you ever feel that they need a wash, a gentle hand wash is fine.  To look after your shower cap, all they need is to be hung up to dry after each use.

My shower caps are an oversized design and can accommodate extra long hair. Even young girls are catered for with a Junior size - now there's something that is hard to come by (and little girls just love them!)

I am always open to suggestions and special requests, please do ask me!   For example, if you see a fabric/trim listed but would prefer a different combination of colour, in most instances I can create this for you.  In particular with the Junior designs or even the Mens Range,  if there is a fabric in the Ladies range you would prefer, this can also be arranged - all you need to do is ask!

Below is an example of hair length that can easily be accommodated in my shower caps.  As you can see there is still plenty of room for even longer hair....but for seriously long hair I can always create an XL sized shower cap for you.  Just contact me and we can go from there...  (For the Girls example below I have a "No Frills" design which I offer as a Boys shower cap, but the sizing is the same).  For the Mens range please take a look in that section for my dreadlocks example.