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Pink Roses

Pink Roses


So Petty Shower Cap Pink Roses is relatively new in the scheme of things and is a welcome addition to the fabulous range that So Pretty showcases. There are many floral shower caps on offer by So Pretty, but this one is particularly attractive! The Pink Roses shower cap is unique compared to the usual designs as it has the added tufts of pink petals scattered over the fabric. Pink Roses is a sheer Organza style with the rose stems and leaves on the print, but the flowers are the additional petals. Could not get much prettier and more special than this shower cap! This So Pretty shower cap can bring the joy of roses forever into your bathroom. Ladies if you want someone special in your life to bring you flowers more often, this is one way they can be in the good books and gift roses that are longer lasting and more practical! Drop the hint now! Then again, if you want to spoil yourself there would be no regrets doing so by selecting this shower cap! An almost matching design that would compliment the Pink Roses is the Butterfly Garden shower cap, which has the pink petals as well, but Butterflies instead of roses as the print. So Pretty has proven since 2002 that a shower cap can look amazing yet be a practical hair accessory to have and behold. The concept of a shower cap has changed irreversibly since the days of thinking they should be cheap, ugly and disposable pieces of clear plastic. The investment in a quality shower cap and the feel good vibe of wearing something pretty and feminine is priceless!

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