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GIRLS Shower Caps

The search is over for a beautiful and fun shower cap for young girls! These shower caps are generally suited for girls from ages three to nine. Bright colours, animals and pretty much anything that is cute is possible within this section! ... read more... read more

Some examples include Hello Kitty theme, Dolphins, Fairies to Minnie Mouse colours and sparkly sequins to name but a few designs to entice you! The hardest decision will be whether you want a shower cap to match her bathroom, personality, or her favourite colour! I am always on the lookout for suitable fabrics and prints that would be loved in this category, so as a result it is often evolving and updated.

If you are purchasing for a child who has particularly long hair (think mid back or thicker than usual), then it is fine to use the Ladies size. It will just be a more voluminous look. If you are still unsure, a Ladies size can be ordered then the elastic adjusted if need be. This can be done by yourself or leave a comment during the ordering process, else contact me after placing your order and I will adjust the elastic for you.

This is such a special category, as it caters for the often forgotten scenario that young girls with long hair need shower caps too! If you have ever had young daughters with long hair (as I have), you will know even in a bath they manage to get their hair so wet and tangled, it is a nightmare! Voila a pretty and practical shower cap is the solution to prevent tears after bath time trying to comb through knotted and wet tangled hair.

The So Pretty Girls range is made up of colourful and fun prints that aim to generally appeal to younger girls. In saying this there were often instances where I received requests for a Ladies size from what was originally a Girls only design. Hence a permanent Ladies shower cap in that fabric became a necessity! Little Queenie is an example of this scenario..

It is perfectly fine if you take a shine to one of the Ladies shower cap fabrics and want a Girls shower cap in that pattern, this is the best part of having such a personal business - I can create a Girls size from a Ladies design fabric for you. You could also create your own matching Mother/Daughter pair or have them “similar but different” by tweaking a trim for example. Ask and I will do my best to achieve your dream shower caps!
This is where I love customer feedback, which is very important in helping to develop a range that appeals across all age demographics.

Once children reach the birthday partying stage, a pretty shower cap makes a gift of difference. Apart from being of a reasonable budget for a birthday gift, they are a pretty and practical shower cap is received with a squeal of delight and immediately placed on the head for an instant fashion parade! I have heard of excited girls wearing them all day, out shopping, in the streets of New York to name but a few examples. What fun can be had out in the rain as well! Often I am told there has been scenario where shower time has become a challenge for mum. Upon adorning a pretty and cute shower cap, the stress disappears and is replaced with smiles and laughter!

Do these shower caps fit a child under 3yrs? The answer is yes, more often than not it is more a question of whether a toddler will keep it on their head! From my experience the littlies love playing the game of whisking their hat off, whether it is a beanie, shower cap or sun hat! So yes, I can shorten the elastic to suit this age group if need be.

So Pretty Girls shower caps are also very cute for those special baby photo shots. Whether it is by a professional studio or taken at home, the Anne Geddes style photo of a baby in a flowerpot or basket, whilst wearing a shower cap, is always going to be made more attractive with a design from this range :)

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