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Diamante Shower Cap - Diva - Black

Diamante Shower Cap - Diva - Black


A So Pretty Diamante shower cap design for the Divas out there! Available in Black or Dark Purple options.  Both are constructed with a soft and non crushing Satin so they look perfect all of the time!

Being a somewhat common description, Divas are thought of being confident, strong, perhaps demanding women who seek attention. Usually a term assigned to famous Singers and Actresses (whom I will not name names here!) who just love to make excessive and often puzzling requests or demands on people around them. 

Perhaps you love singing in the shower or have a reputation as being a bit of a Drama Queen, (or know someone with a personality like this!). Then a So Pretty Diva shower cap such as this design would be absolutely perfect!  Particularly since it is a tad more sparkly and glamorous than your standard disposable shower cap, and definitely 100% better quality! There is no comparison! So Pretty Shower Caps are totally handmade, sewn meticulously and perfectly using quality fabrics and materials. Both the Black and Purple Divas are edged with Silver Lame for that added touch of glamour. 

Go on, be a Diva in the bathroom…or honour your Diva friend with a shower cap that says it all…if its for your best friend you could tag one of each colour and be Divas together forever!  Flatmates?  Even better, one each and never have to share a shower cap again!

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