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Silver Black Sequin

Silver Black Sequin


Time to add some dazzle to your bathroom decor with a So Pretty Black Sequin shower cap! 

Sequinned shower caps have been a staple in the So Pretty range since the beginning in 2002 but this is a new variation of colour to the range.  A combination of Silver sequins over a Black base with Black trim.  The Satin Organza ribbon bow  features a dainty Black flower which is centred with a Diamante.  Even the flower adds more bling as if the sequins aren't quite enough!

So Pretty has an amazing range of fabrics used to create the range of shower caps on offer.  Sequinned shower caps have always been popular, especially in the early days when the concept of having a good quality shower cap was not a common thing!  So Sequins became a popular choice as Ladies attuned to the idea of having a nice shower cap for themselves, and why not one with a bit of bling! 

So Pretty changed the perception of shower caps being dowdy disposables so long ago, and after more than two decades it is still producing beautiful bespoke shower caps for Ladies and Girls (and Men) of the world!  Some fabrics cannot be imagined in any other product than a So Pretty Shower Cap, other than some of your old time favorites like Leopard Print and Polka Dots for example.  Obviously sequin fabric is used massively in theatre and dance costumes for added glitze and sparkle so why not a shower cap as well?!!

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