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Black Diamond

Black Diamond


Diamonds are a girls best friend so the saying goes. This stunning shower cap can be a best friend for your hair and you can look fabulous wearing it, keeping your tresses dry as well! (And no, the little sparkly thing in the centre of the flower trim is not a real diamond ladies, sorry to disappoint you!). Being a classy shower cap isn’t all that hard when it looks this good…the fabric is Satin Organza and displays a genuine shimmer. Undoubtedly you would look quite glamorous in this Black Diamond shower cap by So Pretty! Who needs to be worried about being disturbed in the bathroom when you’re wearing this little number! It would be more embarrassing being seen using a disposable variety, not a good look at all ladies! This is a quality shower cap and it belongs as a show piece in your bathroom, even whilst not in use. Black diamonds are less common I would guess but they certainly create a stunning piece of jewellery (did a quick Google search and I want a Black Diamond ring now!). For some of us, a Black Diamond shower cap will be the closest we get to having the real thing, certainly a more budget conscious option.….I have just had a light bulb idea, which might work - can always test your partner and ask for a Black Diamond …when he presents you with that ring you can always say what you really meant was a shower cap by So Pretty!

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