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The So Pretty Spiderweb shower cap is popular in the Mens shower cap range, and here is a Hot Pink version for the Ladies!  Sure to be a hit with teenagers and the young at heart alike, Hot Pink and Black is a striking combination and with this Roxette shower cap it is even more so!   So Pretty has several other Hot Pink and Black designs in the range so you are spoilt for choice, nice problem to have though.

The spiderweb pattern may be the same, but the fabric with this shower cap differs from the Mens in that it is more of a Satin and the spiderweb pattern is textured so quite tactile in that respect. Almost like felt, but it isn't felt!    Embellished with a larger than usual Black sequinned heart.   This could be an accessory for a halloween costume too, albeit one you can use for a very long time afterwards.

Trying not to be sexist here, of course either sex can enjoy a So Pretty Roxette shower cap, with or without the ruffled edge.  If this is the case, just contact So Pretty for your required variation and the rest will follow (rather promptly I might add!).  Because So Pretty is a bespoke service, creating shower caps is a passion with great (and personal) customer service thrown in!  Seems the days of personal interaction with customers is fast disappearing but So Pretty has and always will have this as a priority.  The Testimonials over 22 years prove this over and over again!

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