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MENS Shower Caps

So Pretty Shower Caps started an acceptable trend way back in 2002 when I was asked to make a Boys shower cap. ... read more... read more

The So Pretty website had only been online for a few days when an enquiry was made from France asking if I could make a shower cap for boys, as apparently young boys having long hair was almost the norm over there! At the time I could not help them, and had not really thought about it much. I mean, did men use shower caps? Would they even be interested in buying and wearing a good quality shower cap on a regular basis? As it turned out the answer is Yes!

Well as time went by I received regular requests for a Mens style shower cap, or alternatively a Ladies design that didn't look so girly. Hence the Mens design was developed, and in this category you will find a suitable collection of more masculine design fabrics that (hopefully) appeal to the majority of Men and Boys. It has proven to be popular, and as a result saved many Ladies from having to wear a wet shower cap because their partner "borrowed" theirs prior to them taking their shower! You have been dobbed in boys!

The Mens design is based on the Ladies sizing, so even if a man does not have a whole lot of hair, they look more appealing than a tight fitting standard shower cap. I use a very good quality 20mm wide elastic, so it creates a firm fitting band without being overly tight and uncomfortable. The Boys size is based on the Girls size shower cap. It would fit an adult, but would be a snug fitting shower cap if you like it to feel and look this way. The Boys size shower cap, even though it looks small, can take quite a substantial amount of hair but I do mainly recommend this for boys rather than Adults.

So the fabrics I sway towards for the Mens design are more Goth, Halloween and Animal prints. You will find patterns that encompass Pirates, Skulls and Snakeskins for example. Plain black is popular as well, simple yet functional! Of course I am flexible enough to create a Mens or Boys design in any fabric I have available, you are by no means restricted to what is shown in this category! This is ideal for those Ladies who would rather have a more plain design shower cap. Then if you are attracted to a design from my Ladies range I am more than happy to create a Mens alternate version for you. And vice versa, if you are a Man looking for something a little different and a Ladies shower cap fabric appeals, just contact me with your request! Embroidering a Mens shower cap is also a fun option...

This style of shower cap is ideal for Boys with grommets who need to wear a shower cap to protect their ears. A perfect solution to keeping water out of their ears and by using a shower cap that is not "so embarrassing". Mind you, over the years I have often had exasperated mums who have purchased a shower cap for their daughters who then find that their sons use it just as much! They are soon back to order another shower cap for their son! And yes, some of them want a sparkly sequinned one ?

Also since creating a Mens shower cap, my most regular clientele are men with dreadlocks. This surprised me but then when you think about it, getting them wet would be an issue, particularly if the dreads are long and heavy. Becoming wet would be quite cumbersome and take forever to dry! The most interesting reason I was quoted for a man with dreads to need a shower cap was that if they become wet in climates where there are extremely cold temperatures, the dreads can actually freeze and break off! The large Mens size is suitable for dreadlocks (but not massively long ones, you would need an XL for this scenario). XL can be ordered via the Embroidered and XL section on this website, but best to contact me to check on fabric availability before doing so.

Then there are men who take a fair amount of time to get their hair style just "so". By using a So Pretty shower cap that has room and not crush the style, it protects the hair to make the style last just that little bit longer. Another benefit is that the shower cap prevents the "fuzzies" from occurring, definitely a bonus when precious time is spent creating a trendy hair style!

So there you have it, now it IS possible for Men and Boys to use a shower cap and not be perceived as being a woos for doing so! No more excuses either for a flimsy disposable excuse of a shower cap to be used (hence looking and feeling totally unflattering in). Men can now be proud to own a shower cap that suits their style and personality, and their partners can be happy knowing their shower cap will be dry and unused when it is their turn to use the shower ;)

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