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Mens Shower Cap - Man Glam

Mens Shower Cap - Man Glam


So Pretty has been creating a range of "no frills" design shower caps for Men since it all began way back in 2002! So it is well overdue to have a more glamourous shower cap for Men, now that it has become a more accepted hair accessory for Men to use!

So here is the So Pretty Man Glam, a fabulous Foile Jersey style fabric that has a holographic effect to it, so under the light it just sparkles with the colours of the rainbow! There are sure to be men out there who not only are happy to use a decent shower cap, but a glittery one at that. I can imagine this being a great gift idea for men who love to belt out a tune in the shower as well, true showtime has arrived people!

All of the So Pretty Mens range of shower caps have a high quality 2.5cm band of elastic so this is a shower cap made to last. They are also generously sized for Men with long hair or dreadlocks, or simply for Men who style their hair and just wish to keep it that way for another day or so!

If you are considering a HisnHers scenario, So Pretty has a similarly matching shower cap for the Ladies, a Silver variation of the same pattern called Lady Glam. Then there would be no more excuses for using her shower cap if you had one each would there!

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