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Code: XL - 16XL Ladies Shower Cap - Wild Cat

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  • XL Ladies Shower Cap - Wild Cat
  • XL Ladies Shower Cap - Wild Cat
  • XL Ladies Shower Cap - Wild Cat
  • XL Ladies Shower Cap - Wild Cat
The So Pretty XL Wild Cat was one of the first XL Shower Caps to be introduced as a permanent feature of the XL range, and is still as popular now as it was back then! Leopard print never goes out of style, whether it be Fashion or Accessories and a shower cap is no exception!
This Wild Cat XL option has an extra large Satin ribbon bow centred with a padded Gold sequinned heart. The XL shower cap will comfortably hold extremely long hair or particularly long dreadlocks. If you use large Velcro rollers, then again this shower cap will easily allow space for these!
It is a slight shame that Lions dont have a Leopard print as their colouring, then I could create a pun about keeping your mane dry! Oh well, if you have extra long hair or dreadlocks, this generously oversized shower cap will serve you well :)
Even though the So Pretty standard Ladies size shower cap is very generously sized, it became obvious that it still was not enough for some circumstances. Hence the XL So Pretty Shower cap was added to the collection! In the scheme of things many of the XL shower caps designs here are more recent additions, initially not many options were permanently available on So Pretty but the flexibility was there to create others on request. But now there are many options to satisfy a variety of Styles, Colours and Personalities. Even so, if there still isnt a design that appeals, So Pretty can help you create your own using another fabric if enough is available. The So Pretty XL shower caps use up a LOT of fabric which is hard to visualise when you see the finished product here! They are approximately 30% larger than the standard bouffant Ladies shower cap.


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