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Mens Shower Cap - Calavera

Mens Shower Cap - Calavera

This So Pretty Mens Calavera shower cap is a Satin print celebrating Day of the Dead, and these happy skeletons are dancing all over the place on this design!

Celebrating Day of the Dead on a So Pretty shower cap is probably a bit out there, but it is such a colourful print and sure to be popular as a no frills shower cap design. Colourful but still suitable as a hair accessory for men!

These skeletons are wearing sombreros and playing a variety of musical instruments including maracas, flamenco guitars and trumpets. Calavera (or Sugar Skulls as they are more commonly known), are often drawn with a smile as to laugh at death. As a So Pretty Shower cap this design will definitely make you smile!

Wouldn’t this be a great gift for someone who plays an instrument or is in a band? Could even become part of the stage show, it may start a trend of sorts! Has happened in the past where shower caps have been worn in public by rappers or celebrities so it is a possibility!

A So Pretty Mens shower cap is a practical item to protect a Man Bun or Dreadlocks, or just coiffed hair, and do it well!  There is enough room in the Mens shower cap design to comfortably fit a lot of hair. So Pretty has the option for a smaller Boys option, as there are sure to be boys who want to wear a cool shower cap too!

Certainly, if Ladies do not find the So Pretty Ladies design appealing, then the "no frills" variety of this Calavera may be a more appropriate option.  Then there is the opportunity of owning a His n Hers set of this design here on So Pretty Shower Caps.

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