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Code: LSC-SSEQSilver White Sequin

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The So Pretty Silver Sequin shower cap is created using American Spangle sequin fabric. The sequins are the larger 6mm size. The result is a fabulous and glamourous hair accessory! The Silver Sequin shower cap not only looks dazzling but it keeps a LOT of hair comfortably dry as well. This So Pretty Shower Cap is not only a fun hair accessory that looks great but it does the job it is designed to do by keeping your hair dry and protected whilst showering. So Pretty shower caps are a handmade product and the quality and workmanship speaks for itself. The inner lining is a soft durable plastic that has no odour and will not become mouldy if looked after (ie hung out to dry after each use). This is a shower cap that will adorn your bathroom for a considerable time and never lose its glamour look! They can be given a gentle hand wash if need be.
Silver is a perfect bathroom décor colour as so many of modern bathroom fixtures like tapware, towel rails etc are chrome. Hence if you are procrastinating on deciding which shower cap suits you best, matching the bathroom décor is one of the options. A sequinned shower cap may also suit your personality, if you are fun, outgoing and love to sing in the shower! It is a fabric often associated with performing and dance, so singing in the shower or being a bathroom Diva is a good excuse for having a So Pretty Silver Sequinned shower cap!



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