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Diamante Shower Cap - Glamour Queen - Hot Pink

Diamante Shower Cap - Glamour Queen - Hot Pink

A So Pretty shower cap design for the Glamour Queens (and Influencers) out there!
So are you a Glamour Queen, or know someone who is? Someone who loves looking their best all day every day, taking Selfies,  loves makeup, spends hours preparing for a big night out getting the "look" just right? Particularly the hair, as it needs to be looked after with a quality shower cap of course! Then you just may be the person this shower cap is looking for!

This dazzling shower cap is available in Black or Hot Pink options. This Hot Pink Glamour Queen has Silver Lame edging. There is even a little crown on the diamante design for a royal touch!

How more glamorous can a shower cap be with diamante Glamour Queen wording on it? I guess using real diamonds would be ideal, but would create an impossibly expensive shower cap without a doubt. I am sure there would be a handful of people out there who could consider the option in reality (and who could afford it!)
Even if you don’t quite fit the criteria for being a Glamour Queen, I guess So Pretty has given you the option now to feel a little more glamorous whilst having a shower and keeping those tresses dry!

 A So Pretty Glamour Queen shower cap is a fun and practical gift and more than anything would be perfect for that selfie in the shower don’t you think?

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