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Top Cat

Top Cat


Here is a So Pretty Shower Cap that is purrrfect for the cat people out there! Featuring a proud looking feline sitting on a window sill in a lovely Satin print. I was tempted to name this design “Peeping Tom” because of this, but even though it is what I thought may be a suitable name for this shower cap, it is probably not all that appropriate, especially for a bathroom product! So being a Top Cat is the way to go, which means you are number one and looking your best. Which is what So Pretty Shower Caps are all about really - looking glamourous in a pretty shower cap rather than wearing a dull piece of disposable plastic held together with barely there elastic. And as for being Number One, well we all deserve to feel good about ourselves and possess certain items that encourage this. A So Pretty Shower Cap is a feel good product, many testimonials for So Pretty shower caps mention how glamourous and special Ladies and Girls feel whilst using them. The Top Cat shower cap also has a touch of bling in the form of a very cute diamante heart, which again adds a final exclusive touch to this design.

Therefore if you are a feline lovin’ gal or know someone who is, this just could be the ideal shower cap of choice! So Pretty Shower Caps are a delightful gift idea and well received with surprise and joy. If intended for a cat lover, then even more so!

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