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Xl Ladies Shower Cap - Black Diamond

Xl Ladies Shower Cap - Black Diamond

When So Pretty started creating a fabulous range of shower caps back in 2002, it went online and revolutionised the perception of what a shower cap should be for both looks and functionality! Even though the standard size for a So Pretty Ladies shower cap is bouffant and roomy, the XL was introduced for even longer tresses and dreadlocks. This So Pretty XL Black Diamond is big as well as classy! The Black fabric used is usually Satin, Taffeta or similar. Please note that the XL Black Diamond fabric is NOT the same as the standard Ladies size of similar name. The silver edging is matched with a large glittery Silver Lame flower which is centred with a glass bead (sorry Ladies, not a massive diamond in this instance!). I am sure there would be some privileged ladies out there that could afford a shower cap with a diamond that big though!). To be sure, this Black Diamond shower cap will make you feel like a million dollars anyway. This So Pretty design is an even more generously oversized shower cap that is suitable for extra long hair, Dreadlocks, or if you are using rollers in your hair. Overall about 30% larger than the standard So Pretty Ladies shower cap. Even Dreadlocks need to be kept dry, you can imagine how long they would take to dry out if they became soaking wet, so an XL So Pretty Shower Cap would be an almost necessary hair accessory to look after them!

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