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Mens Shower Cap - Spiderweb Orange

Mens Shower Cap - Spiderweb Orange


A spooky spiderweb pattern in a bright Orange option.  This Mens shower cap will easily fit a generous volume of long hair, or medium length dreads.  Now it is ok for Men to wear a shower cap with such good looking designs here at So Pretty!

So Pretty started creating a Mens range very soon after startup, which was way back in 2002!   It became obvious with the number of enquiries back then, that there was a demand for a shower cap that Men could use and be seen in without feeling awkward or embarrassed.  (or having to sneakily borrow their partners shower cap in desperation!)

This Orange Mens Spiderweb shower cap is definitely making a statement with it being so brightly coloured, it wouldn't go astray in the bathroom clutter put it that way!   Perhaps younger Boys would love it if they had to choose a shower cap too, no boring old Black shower caps for them!   Can double up as a Halloween accessory too, how cool is that!

Being such a bright Orange, this shower cap may appeal to Ladies as well for its simple design.  But Ladies if you do love this colour and pattern yet prefer the So Pretty Ladies shower cap with the ruffled edge, then by all means just ask for one to be created for you!  This is the beauty of shopping here at So Pretty, things can be tweaked and changed because it is a personal shopping experience and personal service.

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