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Mens Shower Cap - Razzamatazz

Mens Shower Cap - Razzamatazz


For the man who isn't afraid of wearing a bright and funky shower cap! If there were such a thing a shower caps for Men back in the 70’s, I am sure this would have been the perfect choice don’t you think? Some men probably needed them more than ever then with long hair being the norm what with the Hippy era happening! They probably sufficed with a cheapo plastic disposable excuse for a shower cap back then. No more of that in these times days, as So Pretty has been creating a Mens style shower cap for over 20 years! 

Nowadays with more men growing their hair long (and looking after it more I might add!), the need for a quality Mens shower cap is there. Not to mention that by having their own So Pretty Shower Cap, there are no more (or shouldn’t be) instances of sneakily using their partners shower cap. Not fun if he is first to shower and the wet Ladies shower cap is left for her to use next. Cold wet shower caps aren’t the nicest feeling – sorry I haven’t invented a shower cap that has a pre warmed and dry option! 

Men if you love this design,(or Ladies if you are looking to find a shower cap for your partner),  there is a matching Ladies Razzamatazz shower cap, and both can be purchased as one package in the His ‘n’ Hers section here on So Pretty Shower Caps.

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