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Mens Shower Cap - Galaxy

Mens Shower Cap - Galaxy


Here is a star studded shower cap for Men! This So Pretty Mens Galaxy shower cap is a milky way design to inspire either the wizard or alternatively, the Astronomer in you.

Ladies like to hope their men are of the romantic kind, gazing at the stars and pining for their true love. How many songs do we hear the words "I would give you the moon and the stars if I could?". Well really, is that ever going to happen? A figure of speech I know, but at least with this So Pretty Mens shower cap design, the roles can be reversed and the Ladies can give their partner "the moon and the stars"!!

In saying this, Ladies, if you have the oft repeated scenario of your man using your shower cap and leaving it for you to use as a wet hair accessory soon afterwards, then this is a magical solution to deal with that! Present him with his own Mens shower cap! 

Some Ladies are not into the ruffled edge look of the standard So Pretty Ladies range, and that’s ok. The Galaxy is a rather impressive design no matter whom it is for, and will look rather prestigious hanging around your bathroom! So you both could use this So Pretty shower cap in reality, especially as the design is bouffant sized to accommodate a lot of hair. In reality you need one each, a HisnHers scenario perhaps? If this concept appeals, then check out the relevant HisnHers section right here on So Pretty!

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