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Mens Shower Cap - Spiderweb Lime

Mens Shower Cap - Spiderweb Lime


This So Pretty Mens design shower cap will accommodate medium length Dreadlocks or longer hair very easily!  The no frills edge is gathered using a very high quality wider band of elastic for a comfortable fit and won't leave a pressure band around your forehead.

Not only just for Men, as there are Ladies out there who prefer not to have the ruffled edge look of the So Pretty Ladies design.  Ladies if this particular shower cap colour and pattern appeals to you just contact So Pretty and it can be made with the Ladies style ruffled edge with no problem at all.  Shower cap flexibility is a thing here!

So Pretty has several colour options using this Spiderweb pattern, being Black, Orange and a Ladies Hot Pink as well. Again the reverse is possible - if you love the Hot Pink Spiderweb Ladies shower cap, but want a Mens version, just contact So Pretty!

 This Spiderweb Lime shower cap is definitely bright and colourful so would perhaps appeal to someone who loves to be outgoing with what they wear.  Or younger Boys would find it more appealing perhaps.  (If they have to wear a shower cap at least it should be a bright one!)

 This shower cap in bright Lime Green would be quite the showcase in the bathroom and sure to attract a comment from anyone who noticed it  (and it wouldn't be difficult NOT to notice this one!)

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