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Mens Shower Cap - Classic Black

Mens Shower Cap - Classic Black


So Pretty Mens shower cap in Classic Black is as plain as you can get in a shower cap! Classic Black is created using a fast drying fabric such as Taffeta or a variation of Satin.

The So Pretty Mens shower cap is just as generously sized as the Ladies design, just without the ruffled edge. This means it can accommodate just as much hair as the So Pretty Ladies version, so is suitable for dreadlocks or simply very long hair (or a mullet!). There is a wider band of elastic in this creation, so the fit is firm yet comfortable. A good quality elastic is used so this will not let you down any time soon!

This no frills edition became part of the So Pretty range in the very early days when it became apparent that Men and Boys used shower caps too, albeit not a talked about subject! Having a shower cap aimed specifically for blokes takes away the stigma of wanting to use one, not to mention it stops them borrowing their partners! Nothing worse than having to use a previously just worn shower cap that is soaking wet already!

Even though it is labelled as a "Mens" shower cap, of course there are Ladies out there who simply like a plain hair accessory. This design suits them fine just as well! Also So Pretty can create a smaller size for Boys, or even if you are an Adult who would prefer a more snug fit, the smaller size is an option. The difference with a So Pretty Mens shower cap is that is it hand made quality, and therefore made to last. It may seem like an expensive item initially but you cannot compare it to a flimsy disposable excuse for a shower cap. A So Pretty Mens shower cap will definitely look the part in your bathroom décor! Also check out the His’nHers section here on So Pretty, now theres a good idea happening for you to check out!

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