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Mens Shower Cap - Camoflauge

Mens Shower Cap - Camoflauge


So Pretty couldn’t have a Mens shower cap without including a Camouflage design! An instantly recognisable pattern associated with the Military, but is a print that is used in all types of fashion and accessories. Never seems to go out of vogue either! 

Now So Pretty has a Mens shower cap to add to the camoflauge accessory options! Some men may want to duck for cover being seen wearing a shower cap - but this design just may be an option they are ok with! Even though there are Ladies in the forces, the Camouflage print is associated with Men more so, hence a shower cap of this design would be more acceptable if they have hesitation with even wearing a shower cap!

You could attempt to be in hiding attempting to not be found in the bathroom whilst using a Mens Camouflage shower cap, but if "caught out" at least it wouldn’t be as embarrassing as it would be finding you wearing a ruffled edged shower cap that belongs to the lady of the house.  Worse still be seen wearing an el cheapo one from a hotel toiletry packt! 

Some Ladies love men in uniform, or are even in the military themselves. Hence this Camouflage shower cap is perfect for the "no frills" kind of gal who wants a decent shower cap that recognises her affiliation or it may even be her partner is in the forces. A So Pretty Mens Camouflage shower cap may be the perfect hair accessory for her as well!

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