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Mens Shower Cap - Blue Rock

Mens Shower Cap - Blue Rock


Only ONE left!

Blue Rock Mens Shower Cap by So Pretty is a Satin fabric in a "no frills" style aimed mainly for Men, but there are Ladies who prefer a more plain look and this suits them too! Hence this design may appeal to both sexes.

If you do like this design, act quickly as there are very few left and then it will be obsolete forever. Some fabrics come and go according to availability, and the Blue Rock is one that once it has gone, it is definitely gone! 

The So Pretty Mens shower cap is based on the same volume as the Ladies standard design. This means it is generously sized and has a bouffant look. Even if you have short hair, it still looks nicer than a firm fitting (and usually daggy clear plastic version) shower cap! If you have Man Bun length hair or medium sized dreadlocks, then this So Pretty Mens shower cap will fit comfortably! The elastic used in its creation is much wider than that used in the Ladies shower cap, so becomes a band that is firm yet comfortable. 

If you are into having spray tans done, then this is an ideal hair accessory for this purpose too. It is not unheard of for a Mens design shower cap to be worn whilst playing golf either, one for the fanatics out there! Even as a cover for a bike seat, a rather glamourous one but yes that works too! And how many die hard bike riders are out there who hate getting back on their wet bike seats when it has been raining!

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