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Mens Shower Cap - Spiderweb Black

Mens Shower Cap - Spiderweb Black


This So Pretty Mens Spiderweb shower cap is a rather cool looking hair accessory that a guy would not be embarrassed to be seen in don’t you think?

Is quite an upgrade to have a quality Mens shower cap available with  So Pretty creating them over 20 years ago!   Back then he only option was a mouldy piece of plastic with questionable elastic, or "borrowing" their partners girly shower cap. (Candid camera anyone?!) The Mens So Pretty Spiderweb shower cap is very roomy, and is ideal for those men who do have long hair or dreadlocks or nowadays long hair for a man bun.  Even if you don't have long hair, there are occasions where you would just want to keep your hair dry anyway!

The Spiderweb design is available in Black, Lime or Orange, also in a smaller Boys size. Boys think the spiderwebs are so cool too! These days of the "look at me" scenarios on Instagram and Tik Tok, any shower scenes can be highlighted with the appearance of a So Pretty Mens shower cap with its fabulous style and functionality! Being spooky themed with the spiders and cobwebs pattern, this So Pretty Mens shower cap could also double as a costume accessory, particularly for Halloween events or trick or treating! Dad could wear it whilst supervising the group of lolly hunters, or even to answer the door for a bit of fun! A So Pretty Mens shower cap is a unique Fathers Day gift idea, or even as part of a gift collection for him. You could make up a Dads hamper consisting of a shower cap, aftershave and some of his favourite treats. Has to be more inspirational than socks and jocks surely!

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