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Mens Shower Cap - Blackwood

Mens Shower Cap - Blackwood


So Pretty Mens Blackwood Shower Cap is in limited quantity but was a fabric that was discovered and just had to be used to make fabulous Mens shower caps out of!  (only Mens size is available)

Hence the Woodgrain is a variation on the plain Black So Pretty Mens shower cap, but as it has a subtle woodgrain pattern throughout so is of slightly different appearance. The fabric is still lightweight and will look great 100% of the time, dry quickly and not crush (which is good for So Pretty too, when posting to you!)

Plain Black is popular but the Woodgrain may be of more appeal again. Would especially match the bathroom décor if you have woodgrain cabinets in a darker tone as well. Ladies if you have an issue with your partner "borrowing" your shower cap, then a So Pretty Mens shower cap is the most practical solution. Best of all they look way more appealing as part of the bathroom décor when not in use!

The "no frills" version of a So Pretty Shower Cap like this design can be useful for Men (or Ladies) who regularly have spray tans. This shower cap will keep your hair up and away whilst you go through the process. When you see images on tv or the media of people having makeovers, but wearing a pretty basic piece of plastic on their head, it’s a no brainer to upgrade to something that looks a bit more snazzier than that! This is where a So Pretty Mens shower cap would fit the bill nicely!

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