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Xl Ladies Shower Cap - Bloom Burgundy

Xl Ladies Shower Cap - Bloom Burgundy

XL Bloom Burgundy is an elegant and stylish addition to the So Pretty Shower Cap XL range. This shower cap is approximately 30% larger than the standard Bloom Ladies shower cap, which is ideal if you require more room for really long tresses or have longer dreads. Will also fit easily over Velcro rollers. You simply may love this design so much you want a really BIG look! This So Pretty Bloom print is one of Gold etched Roses and leaves scattered over a Burgundy Satin. This XL shower cap has a little more glam with the wider Satin ribbon bow and large Gold sequinned flower. This adds so much pizazz to the Bloom Burgundy shower cap. We all need a little more glam in our lives don’t you think? Burgundy and Gold are a classic combination that is almost Royal themed. Burgundy in particular is popular as a colour used in Federation style décor. So if your bathroom is of this appearance, perhaps this shower cap will be a good choice and a perfect match! Especially if you have gold taps and fittings, which most Federation style bathrooms would. Alternatively if you are looking for a special gift idea for a someone needing either an XL or Standard size So Pretty Shower Cap, if their bathroom fits this description the Bloom design is the one! Of course you may simply list Burgundy and Gold as your favourite colour combination no matter what your décor is and who is going to argue with that!

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