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Keep your hair under control whilst you sleep with this practical solution - a satin lined Sleep Cap by So Pretty!... read more... read more

So Pretty has created a range of “ok to be seen in” sleep caps, or sleep bonnets as they are also called. These are a more recent addition to the So Pretty range in the scheme of things, but over the many years So Pretty has been in business, there were often requests to make a satin sleep cap. So the time came to create a range and hence a selection of beautiful sleep caps and here they are! Theoretically the Sleep Cap has been around since Victorian times, guess they are just a little more glam these days – especially the So Pretty ones! The concept of the Sleep Cap is to keep your hair at bay overnight, particularly if you have particularly long hair. Sleep Caps are commonly made of Satin which is silky smooth and prevents the hair from tangling whilst you sleep. Would be nothing worse than dealing with a knot ball every morning to start your day, whether you had a good sleep or not! The So Pretty Sleep Cap or Sleep Bonnet is basically the same as the Shower Cap design size wise and is a comfortable fit. The only difference is that where there is usually a waterproof lining, there is silky smooth Satin! So the sizing is generous for long hair to mid back, else in this range there are XL Sleep Caps for extremely long, thick or extra long dreadlocks. Come to think of it, being whipped in the face by dreadlocks by your partner as they turn over in bed wouldn’t be so much fun would it! So the concept of a sleep cap for dreadlocked hair (Guys or Gals!) isnt such a bad one! Sleep Bonnets are also popular to keep Afro hair under control as well, as they help to prevent the frizziness that occurs with this hair type. The range of Sleep Caps by So Pretty come in a variety of colours and patterns. Some are a double layer of Satin, like the Purple Rain, Wild Cat leopard Print, and Dottie. Others have a combination of a Sheer overlay like Organza with the Satin Lining underneath, examples like Miss Bliss, Lilac Mist and Sea Mist. The range will vary over time according to fabric availability, and as you will see there are “design your own” options for the standard bouffant size or XL if you wish to select a combination from the So Pretty shower cap range of fabrics. All very flexible here and personal service on offer! These bonnets are also a practical and pretty solution for chemotherapy patients as even with hair loss patients need to keep their scalp warm or protected from the sun and wind (like they would stay on if windy outside). Either a sleep cap or shower cap for someone undergoing chemo is a morale booster and puts a smile on their face. So not the awkward gift you may think it could be! The So Pretty Sleep Caps may also be considered for health requirements in food prep or medical scenarios…you could create a fun combination of colours for a team of people perhaps! Sleep Caps like the So Pretty design could also be used in spray tanning booths, to keep the hair up and out of the way whilst going through the spraying process. How many times have you seen someone on tv or video wearing a dowdy piece of plastic on their head in one of those spray tanning booths? Not a great look is it! Another application for a So Pretty Sleep Bonnet would simply be when applying makeup, particularly if you do have long hair or even have it already prepped nicely and don’t want to spend your makeup session trying to avoid messing up your hair! Tuck your tresses up in the sleep bonnet and take your time! So many people are sleep deprived these days, so if a simple thing like using a pretty hair accessory like a So Pretty Sleep Cap makes your more comfortable and helps regain some zzzz’s then it can only be a good thing! Sweet Dreams!

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