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Sleep Cap - Xl Dottie

Sleep Cap - Xl Dottie


Keep all those tresses softly together whilst you sleep and no longer wake up with a tangled mess! Sleep Caps or Sleep Bonnets are popular for this reason, and So Pretty has created a range of options to keep both you and your hair happy. The XL Dottie Sleep Cap is a Polka Dot pink satin, lined with matching pink satin internally. The Dottie Satin fabric has been with So Pretty since 2002, and has been made into Shower Caps both standard and XL, Sleep Masks and Sleep Bonnets. So you could possibly enjoy all of these items in your collection! You may love the Vintage look of the polka dots, or simply love Pink with Black polka dot accessories! There are many variations of polka dot shower caps here on So Pretty but this is the only Sleep Cap as such. You are more than welcome to make an enquiry to "Design Your Own" Sleep Bonnet if another fabric takes your fancy. This is the beauty of So Pretty being a personal business that is all about you! This is a generously sized XL sleep cap suitable for overly long/thick hair, or dreadlocks. The So Pretty standard size Sleep Bonnet accommodates a lot of hair, and this XL size is around 30% larger again.

A So Pretty Sleep Cap such as this would come in handy to keep your long tresses up and out of the way when applying makeup or if you are having a facial treatment. Since it is all fabric construction it can be washed regularly if need be!

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