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Sleep Cap - Oriental Black

Sleep Cap - Oriental Black


This So Pretty Sleep Cap or Sleep Bonnet is named Oriental Black. It is a slightly heavier Satin but not as heavy as Chinese Brocade, with an inner lining of a solve Silver Silver Satin. There is an oriental themed circular pattern embellished on the Black Satin, giving what would be a plain hair accessory some added interest and style! This So Pretty Sleep Cap would suit a lady looking for something plain but pretty, and look after your tresses in the process. The sizing of the So Pretty Sleep Cap is the same as a standard Ladies So Pretty Shower Cap. This makes it voluminous and will hold long hair down to mid back comfortably, so is a very generous allowance. Take a look at the"About My Shower Caps" page to see a hair length example. Using a So Pretty Sleep cap such as these is not the only option! Any circumstance where you need to keep your hair at bay or protect/cover your head makes this a practical and"so pretty" solution! Especially since it is elasticised so it wont be affected by windy weather! Examples could be in hospitals, food prep scenarios, disabled people outdoors in wheelchairs, pretty much anything where hair either needs to be kept out of a situation or protection from the sun! Sleep caps like these would also be a pick me up hair accessory for Ladies undergoing Chemo, or to protect their scalp when outside if exposed due to hair loss.

So Pretty has created this initial Satin Sleep Caps range, but obviously if there is another fabric on the website you would prefer, contact So Pretty to work out a personalised design!

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