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Little Queenie (girls)

Little Queenie (girls)

So Pretty Shower Caps has this Queenie design available in the Ladies adult size shower cap, and here is Little Queenie for the younger girls. Suitable for ages 3-9yrs on average, Little Queenie is an adorable Satin print of silver swirls, love hearts, stars and princess crowns on a burgundy Satin. All little things that a Girl loves, and is now on a hair accessory that they will adore just as much! If shower time is a time of day when a child isnt co-operative about having one, then perhaps the bribe of wearing a So Pretty shower cap will entice them and make the experience way more enjoyable! With a Little Queenie shower cap, girls can feel like a Princess in the shower and of course they will feel so much happier in comparison than using a dowdy piece of plastic as the alternative! Even using a pretty shower cap can give her the confidence to have the independence to shower herself, it could just be the catalyst to give mum a break! One less night of wet and tangled hair to deal with! As there is a matching Ladies Queenie shower cap, So Pretty has a section on the website to take advantage of a double purchase at a discounted price. This is perfect if you want to buy a set for sisters or Mum wants one too! Just a small way of thanking you for supporting So Pretty Shower Caps and a proudly Australian business!

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