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Aqua Sequin (girls)

Aqua Sequin (girls)

This bright Aqua So Pretty Girls shower cap is created using American Spangle sequin fabric. The sequins are hot pressed onto the soft mesh style fabric for this effect.  (And no, So Pretty does not apply this process!)

Any mother who has sewn dance costumes out of this fabric will know how difficult it is to work with!  But the end result is always an item of dazzle and glamour, so here it is a So Pretty Shower Caps!  Sequins are a girls best friend, or in the form of a So Pretty Girls Shower Cap they will be!  (Later it becomes those other more expensive sparkly things called Diamonds…)

Pink, Aqua and Purple are the current options, all colours that appeal to the Girls who love sequins and glitzy things. If she is into dance or theatre already, then it may well be that one of these So Pretty Sequin Girls shower caps will match a costume on hand, or one in the future!

Be prepared for a fashion parade with this So Pretty Aqua Sequin shower cap as the main attraction once she receives it, it will become a fashion accessory as well as a hair accessory!  Some girls love them so much they insist on wearing them alongside Mum whilst out shopping.  One way that cuteness turns heads!

When finally used for its main purpose (that is to keep hair dry whilst in the shower or bath), it will serve her well and keep the hair safely tucked away and dry.

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