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Wild Cat

Wild Cat


This So Pretty Wild Cat shower cap is a Poly Satin print fabric trimmed with satin edging and centred with a metallic gold heart. Lined with a durable yet soft plastic to make it waterproof and protect your tresses! The standard Ladies size here is bouffant style that will easily enclose hair that is as long as mid back and is also suitable for dreadlocks. . Leopard print has never ceased in popularity, regularly making an appearance year after year in some shape or form. Whether used as fashion clothing, shoes or accessories, leopard print creates that modern look that stands the test of time! This So Pretty Shower Cap is no exception! The Wild Cat shower cap has been a staple with So Pretty since 2002 so that says something. African animal prints have never dulled in popularity. Perhaps it goes way back to prehistoric days when man used animal skins to clothe themselves, who knows! Nature produces gorgeous patterns and colours, thankfully we are clever enough to replicate them through processes of printing and dyeing rather than using the real thing. So enjoy your Wild Cat leopard print shower cap by So Pretty, it just may be the closest you get to having an encounter with one of these beasts (unless your husband walks in on you whilst you are in the shower…I am sure the claws would come out then!) Also available as an XL shower cap, matching Mens shower cap. Sleep Mask and as a Sleep Cap.

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