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Big Dot Lilac

Big Dot Lilac


So Pretty Shower Caps Big Dot Lilac shower cap is bold but not TOO bold! The boldness comes with the extra large White polka dots on this Satin print. The Lilac is that pastel shade of purple that envisages relaxation mainly since Lavender is a similar colour and Lavender smells divine! Lavender scent is often used for aromatherapy and to create a relaxing environment, whether it be by using oil burners, misters, drawer sachets or pillow sprays. Oh and don’t forget Lavender soap, so many quality soaps are out there that are hand made with love, just as a So Pretty Shower Cap is! As a result the Big Dot Lilac shower cap achieves a sense of relaxation and toned down glamour (after all, it is a stylish shower cap by So Pretty!). This shower cap would be a beautiful addition to your bathroom décor, particularly if you have a light and breezy bathroom that either has light hues of Mauve as the décor. Perhaps accessories like towels or bath mats could be used to create an overall matching colour scheme for your Big Dot Lilac shower cap! This makes the shower cap the main focus point for your bathroom extras, working around what matches it. Hence it becomes a very important hair accessory to have on display! With the theme of Lilac and Lavender comes the lovely idea of creating a pamper hamper for someone you care about. Especially the majority of mature ladies who would adore a collection of lavender lotions and soaps combined with a So Pretty Shower Cap in this shade of Lilac to complete the presentation. Absolutely a great idea as a raffle prize too! So many suitable products to choose from, that is where the dilemma will be!


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