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Bad Bug

Bad Bug


The So Pretty Bad Bug shower cap is a bouffant style shower cap that is a must have hair accessory and another fun design in the So Pretty Range. Polka dots in a Red and Black combination is striking whether it is Red on Black, or Black on Red. This So Pretty Satin print Shower Cap is the opposite to Love Bug, being the Red on Black variety. Coming up with a fun name for a So Pretty Shower Cap can be a challenge at times, others are inspired instantly. The Bad Bug description came from my daughter many years ago when I had the three red themed polka dot shower caps made up and ready to list on the website. This colour combination had me stumped until my daughter without any hesitation said "Bad Bug!". Which was such a brilliant name, loved it straight up. Ladybugs are red and black, and a very much loved little creature, so the thought of a Ladybug being a "Bad Bug" because of the opposite colours is cute! It would be a rare bug indeed! Black and Red combinations are more often than not associated with being sexy and naughty, so the Bad Bug name was spot on. It made sense as a "reverse" option to the Love Bug and Minnie shower caps, both of these being more romantic and fun names. All the So Pretty Shower Caps are great mind you, they are a super fun and a practical gift without a doubt. Also particularly suitable and thoughtful gift idea for Valentines day fellas! Ladies drop the hint if you love this shower cap!


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