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The So Pretty StellaLuna shower cap just glistens like the reflection of moonlight over water…really! This is just a beautiful silver shimmery fabric and hence the moon themed name. The fabric is sheer and lightweight, so is perfect as a shower cap for Ladies who love a bit of glamort (and practicality) in the bathroom! The StellaLuna shower cap is a perfect match for the modern bathroom décor as the common trend is for silver tapware and fittings. If you are looking for a gift and have no idea of a suitable colour, you could not go wrong with this design! Moonlight has long been associated with romance and yearning for lovers who are separated by distance (oh and Werewolves too…that can be the husband in the bathroom in this instance!)…but anyway, would rather talk about romance here…moonlight on the water, strolls along the beach in the evening, all those romantic scenarios. So us ladies can wistfully dream of these things (or how it used to be) whilst in the bathroom using this So Pretty Stellaluna shower cap. That is, until the Werewolf husband interrupts the daydream by walking in on you whilst you’re in your moonlight zone! He may be a romantic Werewolf and just be wanting to ask to dance with you in the moonlight, you could be so lucky! More likely to want to hurry you up so he can have his shower! Take your time and enjoy your time out from the world. It may only be a pretty shower cap, but it creates a sense of joy and happiness at that time of day when it is often the only quiet time some busy mums have. A hot shower is bliss, keeping your hair dry whilst doing so with a So Pretty Shower Cap is a delightful bonus!


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