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Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard


Have a Snow Leopard wild encounter in your bathroom every day!

The So Pretty Snow Leopard shower cap is a classic Satin animal print of Black with Grey tones on a white background. Finished off with a matching grey ribbon flower with a Rhinestone centre. This is a shower cap that is handmade, and handmade quality made to last. Hence it will be hanging around in your bathroom for some time! Look after it by ensuring it is left to dry between uses.

The Snow Leopard is such a beautiful and elusive animal, this is probably the closest most of us will ever get to one via an animal print on a shower cap! At least a So Pretty Shower Cap is not elusive, or I don’t think they are! Still I would rather a Snow Leopard fabric print over having the thought of a real fur coat or fashion accessory made from a Snow Leopards pelt, wouldnt you? Probably not quite as popular in fashion as the Leopard print, but still beautiful nevertheless. 

So Pretty Shower Caps has quite the range of animal print shower caps, if you have several bathrooms you could select from the options of animal prints from the Leopard, Snow Leopard, Zebra, Zanzibar for African themed, else there are many other options of fun prints available that would match each other very well. The So Pretty shower caps range is always on rotation with some designs being long term and others run out and never to be restocked again. Hence if there is something you like now I would suggest that you tag it this time around or you may be disappointed next time you drop by..


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