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If you are looking for a shower cap that is Sage in colour, this is the one! The only So Pretty Shower Cap that is truly Sage in the Green colour tones and it doesn’t disappoint! As with most of the plain colours in the So Pretty Shower Caps range, the fabric used for the Sage is Charmeuse. A soft and crinkle free fabric that looks as good as this image all the time! The So Pretty Sage shower cap is complete with its White Satin edging and matching satin carnation flower also in White. The colour Sage has gained much popularity since around 2018, it is classed as a "neutral" colour meaning it is neither warm or cold, just somewhere in between! Hence this makes the Sage shower cap an ideal bathroom accessory as part of the décor and to use of course! So Pretty has had the Sage shower cap as part of its range since it first started in 2002, so was into the colour way before it became one. With such a huge variety of colours and patterns available, it is likely that So Pretty Shower Caps will always be ahead of the game when it comes to bathroom accessory colour requirements! Sage also has a calming effect as it is affiliated to nature and the herb Sage. It has become a popular colour for interior design as it adds a calming hue like a "back to nature" effect whether this is for your bathroom or other areas of your home. So whether you love the So Pretty Sage shower cap for no other reason than the colour, then you have made a great choice and are on trend in the process!

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