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Ritzy Red

Ritzy Red


Wear a So Pretty Ritzy Red shower cap if you dare! Red is actually quite a popular colour, and in respect to clothing and accessories, is particularly attributed to being worn as a sign of confidence or to turn heads. Whether it be in the form of a cocktail dress (think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman), or as a business woman. Dress to impress as they say! So does this shower cap impress or enthuse confidence? I think so! Do you know someone who could wear it with joy? It may well be you I realise. Hence I am sure you will not hesitate to tag a Ritzy Red shower cap whilst they are available. This is a once off fabric so will not be available for the long term. Perhaps this So Pretty Ritzy Red shower cap is a perfect suggestion as a gift for a lady in the Corporate world? Secret Santa, always the fun part of the office Christmas party, and it is a red shower cap which is a Christmas colour by default! This textured Lame fabric is a strong vibrant red, edged with black satin and trimmed with an oversized gold sequinned heart. Red is also deemed as a "sexy" colour, especially in combination with black. Perhaps the Ritzy Red shower cap would be a suitable suggestion as a Valentines Day gift, or gift from him to her on any occasion. Doesn’t have to be a reason for gifting at all really! Is a thoughtful and practical gift idea she will love and appreciate for a long time. Lasts longer than a box of chocolates and doesn’t affect the waistline, isn’t that ideal?


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