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Purple Rain

Purple Rain

There are a number of shower caps in the So Pretty range that are shades of Dark Purple through to Lilac with a variety of patterns in between. This Purple Rain shower cap by So Pretty is more of an abstract Filigree pattern with a speck of glitter through it. So it offers something a little different in combination with the Black and that snippet of glittery silver which creates a point of difference in the fabric! The silver also adds just that touch of glamour to what would otherwise be a nice pattern, but flat in appearance. It turns out as a rather special shower cap don’t you think? This design does remind me of the song Purple Rain by Prince (yes Im an 80's tragic I admit!) When conjuring up names for my shower caps sometimes I angst for what seems forever, procrastinating over what seems appropriate for the design. But this one, well it does look like large raindrops, just with added sparkle! Nevertheless whether you are a fan of the 80's or simply think this shower cap is pretty pitch perfect as a gift for someone who is, then perhaps you have found the ultimate shower cap that ticks all of your boxes! Purple Rain is also available as an XL Ladies Shower Cap, and also an XL Sleep Cap/Sleep Bonnet. So if you have extremely long hair and looking to avoid wet and/or tangled tresses, then the Purple Rain may just be the hair accessories you need!

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