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Minnie - Smaller Dots

Minnie - Smaller Dots


This is the original So Pretty Minnie Shower cap in a classic Red with White polka dot design that has been made famous by the fabulous Minnie Mouse. Disneys Minnie Mouse is a household name and the red and white polka dot accessories that abound as a result of that popularity, is truly outstanding! So why not a shower cap I say! This Minnie shower cap has been a regular listing for such a long time, mainly because the red with white polka dots is so popular. This proves to be very helpful in respect to restocking the fabric! Something that can prove difficult for a popular design when So Pretty Releases them. Still it is lovely to have the regular and almost expected shower caps available, and others that come and go. Makes it way more interesting for you as a customer and me as the creator! Tastes can change too, what may be your favourite colour combination or what you are a fan of, can change by the time you need to replace your shower cap. Since So Pretty Shower caps are handmade quality and made to last, there can be quite some time between these choices if you do want something a little different next time!. But the plan is to always have some form of Minnie about so don’t panic or no need to bulk buy! The So Pretty Minnie shower cap is a fun print. So much so it is also available in the smaller Girls size. Hence a Mother/Daughter matching shower caps can be happening, and little girls love Minnie as well! Should a guest happen to see this in your bathroom it gives them somewhat of an insight to your personality and sure to be a point of conversation!


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