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Minnie - Big Dots

Minnie - Big Dots


So Pretty Shower Caps Minnie Big Dots is the upscaled version of the original Minnie shower cap. Still a similar satin print, Red with White polka dots but the white dots are very much larger as you can see! A plain red shower cap is fine for lovers of red, but include some dots and it becomes a whole new and more interesting look! So if you love the Minnie design, now there is a choice of how big you want your dots to be on your shower cap! The shade of red between this and the original Minnie shower cap is slightly different with this one being a slightly darker tone. Either shower cap is a fun hair accessory in a colour combination recognised instantly as the ones used for Disneys Minnie Mouse. Hence it was very easy to name this shower cap! So if you are a fan of Minnie Mouse or know someone who is, this is the So Pretty Shower Cap of choice! If you are a truly mad keen fan then you have to have both! Perhaps if you have two bathrooms then that would be the excuse, one for each bathroom. This larger dots edition is also available in an XL size, big dots for big hair! The standard size as shown here will take in a lot of hair, so the XL is for particularly long hair (way past mid back), or extra long dreadlocks. Perhaps you just may like an even more bouffant look than this standard Ladies size shower cap, and that is ok too!


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