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Love Bug

Love Bug


The So Pretty Love Bug shower cap is a delightful and fun hair accessory that will not only keep your tresses dry, but put a smile on your face every time you bathe! This satin red with black polka dot print in the form of a shower cap is appealing for several reasons. One of the main attractions with pattern is that it is the colour combination of a favourite and cute little insect that is much loved…the Ladybug! Who would have thought such a creature would become the inspiration for clothing and accessories? Perhaps because the Ladybug is such an endearing insect, does not hurt anyone and looks very cute! Just as YOU would wearing a Love Bug shower cap by So Pretty! With the namesake of Love Bug, this shower cap becomes a perfect gift inspiration for Valentines Day. A man who gifts his partner with a Love Bug shower cap on Valentines day is a keeper in my humble opinion. It shows great initiative and thoughtfulness, especially if the gift idea is from his own initiative and Ladies, you have not had to drop the hint for a decent shower cap up to this point! Gifting a shower cap without prompting is sure to be a winner and have you in the good books for quite some time to be sure! The So Pretty Love Bug shower cap is also available in the smaller Girls size. This again is a lovely idea for Dad to surprise his partner and child with as a set, and little girls love their pretty shower caps!


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