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Lady Glam

Lady Glam


This is a So Pretty Shower Cap that is just the epitome of what glamour shower caps are all about!  A Foile Jersey holographic fabric that catches the light and will definitely brighten up the bathroom just by hanging around.  The pattern has almost a 3D effect in Silver and White but with the additional glitter of a rainbow of colours with movement.  Hence why these kinds of fabrics are often used in dancewear or theatre costumes for that reason.

Usually the embellishments on a So Pretty shower cap are a contrast to feature a colour that is also on the pattern.  In this instance the Lady Glam is simply trimmed with as much glittery Silver  as possible, so we have the Silver Lame ribbon, Silver edging and matching larger than usual Silver Lame ribbon flower.

This style of fabric was one of the first fabrics of choice when So Pretty commenced making quality shower caps way back in 2002.  It has almost waterproof qualities in itself and is an ideal fabric for this reason, as well as looking fabulous under the lights!

The great news is that So Pretty has a similar fabric with Black tones which has been allocated to the Mens Range (called Man Glam!).  So if you wanted a His n Hers scenario, these could be the matching pair for you!  Man Glam and Lady Glam, now there's a power couple!

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