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Hot Shot Black

Hot Shot Black


Who is up for looking like a Hot Shot in this design! 

So Pretty Hot Shot Black is one of several Black variations available. This version being Black with Hot Pink satin edging. As well there are other similarly named “Hot Shot” So Pretty shower caps, this is the Black variety! The So Pretty Hot Shot Black has a perfectly matching ribbon flower being Hot Pink with Black edging as well, could not imagine a better compliment to this shower cap really.

Hot Pink and Black combination is often seen as a little bit sexy, as is the Red and Black combination. Hence this So Pretty shower cap would be quite the suitable gift for Valentines Day, or birthday from someone who loves you! Perhaps dropping the hint isn't such a bad idea just in case they don’t realise you would love a quality shower cap. Some guys just need to be pointed in the right direction don’t they! Other men have amazing insight to the psych of a woman, and can see that gifting a decent shower cap would place them in the good books for a very long time!

Since it is a well made shower cap, it will be appreciated every time it is used and will be a gift that is noticed daily. Pamper gifts like lotions, potion and soap are lovely and of course suitable additions to a So Pretty Shower Cap. Eventually these things be depleted and emptied, whereas the So Pretty Shower cap will linger around the bathroom for quite some time. No more disposable shower caps in your bathroom please!

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