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Honey Sequin

Honey Sequin


The So Pretty Honey Sequin shower cap is bright and glittery for the Ladies who have a sense of fun and/or simply love glamour in the bathroom!. Generously oversized to cover a great deal of hair as well. Sequins have long been associated with dance or theatre costumes and "look at me" clothing so this shower cap is all about fun and being confident - even though all you may be intending to do is to match your bathroom decor! The colour is a subtle shade of gold, not too bold and a softer shade that would compliment your bathroom nicely if the fittings are gold as well. A glam shower cap like this may not only be intended for use at shower time. They have been known to be used for water aerobics or even outdoors like for activities like playing gold in the rain – really! Well it is waterproof so why not? These are typically called American Spangle sequins, not quite sure why…did Americans invent this fabric? Sequins certainly play a huge part in dance or performance costumes since they catch the light so well. Thankfully you do not have to sew them on individually! But some people do, for special occasions such as Bridal wear (all that work for a few hours of wear, how exhausting). Whatever the case, spangle sequins create a fantastic shower cap is all I can say, and happily I can offer you a variety of colours to satisfy the need for a glamorous shower cap for the bathroom!


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