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Funky Gal

Funky Gal


The So Pretty Funky Gal shower cap is one of the original Vintage style shower caps that So Pretty created many years ago. At the time a very large quantity of this satin print was purchased with the realisation that it was going to be forever popular! And a popular style it is, with so many circles in this fabric having been cut and sewn since then. The Funky Gal shower cap is probably a more 70’s style pattern, but still appeals to this day, no matter what generation you are in. The Funky Gal shower cap is a combination of Fuschia, Hot Pink, Black, Grey and White in a Polyester Satin fabric. As with all the Ladies Shower Cap, they are comfortable to wear and made to last. Ideally they need to be left to dry between uses. So Pretty Shower Caps can be gently hand washed if need be. I have had Ladies say they have thrown them in the washing machine regularly, or bleached them and they have survived this onslaught. I wouldn’t recommend doing these things but it is at your discretion. If it becomes ruined then it is a great excuse to choose another replacement. Spoilt for choice here at So Pretty! The design may look vintage, but this style of shower cap with the frilled edge is similar to the headwear that servants or maids wore back in the Victorian era, just without the plastic. The Funky Gal also available is a Sleep Cap or Sleep Bonnet, these are still a thing and a useful hair accessory to tame the tresses whilst you sleep! Also as an XL Ladies Shower Cap, told you I had a lot of this fabric to play with!

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