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Flam Glam

Flam Glam


Flamingo Glamour abounds with this delightful and fun shower cap by So Pretty! This is such a pretty in pink satin print and is sure to be a fun hair accessory to own if you love quirky things. Any other colour just wouldn’t be right for Flamingos, just has to be Pink! Quirky yet practical, So Pretty Shower Caps are all quality handmade and handmade in Australia. The Flam Glam does add a bit of fun and glamour to the bathroom, and is also an excellent idea for gifting to ladies of all ages, from girls, teens to fun loving Grandmothers! A quirky fact you may not realise about the Flamingo is that they often stand on one leg to save energy. Imagine if we did this whilst showering, or to save energy! You would see mums all over the world standing on one leg just to have a rest, but as we know most mothers rarely stop all day. Another quirky fact about Flamingos is that the bend in their long legs is assumed to be a knee, but in actual fact it is an ankle! Shoe design would have a whole new aspect if we humans were built like this! Flamingos are a favourite bird and loved by many, with clothing, hair accessories and homewares in abundance featuring this pretty yet unusual feathered creature.. Now there is a So Pretty shower cap for the Flamingo lover! So Pretty Flam Glam shower caps, bringing true Flamingo glamour to the bathroom

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