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Fizzy Pink Flower

Fizzy Pink Flower


The Fizzy Pink Flower is a sparkling edition in the So Pretty Flower range. A Silvery Pink Lame that just sparkles under the light, combined with a perfectly matching flower. The flower is a combination of Tulle and soft fabric which has a floral design in colours of Pins and Aqua Blue. Lame is such a perfect fabric for a shower cap. As you can see It has a glamourous shimmer to it, hence why it is often used for Dance and Costuming for performing arts. This fabric is also extremely lightweight and dries quickly, two big advantages of this So Pretty Shower Cap! The Fizzy Pink is also available in a standard Ladies design with a largish Silver flower so there are similar but different options with the same fabric. There is also a smaller Girls Fizzy Pink available, so possibilities are there to mix and match between all three So Pretty designs if you love this shimmery Pink shower cap! Many Grandmothers love to spoil their granddaughters, and have something special at their place when she stays over. Having a matching set of pretty Pink shower caps at the ready can be a delightful thing to surprise her! Vice versa, Grandma can be gifted a similar So Pretty shower cap to what the grandchild has at home. So when the granddaughter visits, she can bring her matching shower cap along with her for the stay! The Mother/Daughter combination is an option as well, or big sister/little sister. All avoids sharing a wet shower cap!


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