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Farm Gal

Farm Gal

A shower cap for the country girls out there, or the city girls who love to have a bit of country style in their bathroom! The So Pretty Farm Gal Shower Cap is a Cow Print shower cap with class, made of quality Satin and sewn meticulously which So Pretty has the reputation for. Even the large daisy flower trim is a perfect match! Of course there are die hard cow fans out there as well, not forgetting them and for whom this shower cap will absolutely appeal to! Wouldn’t even matter if they had short hair or aren’t in the habit of using a shower cap. These are the ladies out there that are obsessed with cows, anything to do with cows, and as a result collect anything cow related or items with a similar cow print such as the one here on the Farm Gal shower cap. This obsession makes it so easy for their friends and relatives that need to find something unique as a gift for that collector! Is this you? Well here is the ultimate cow themed gift solution, one that is actually useful and looks great just hanging around! Mooove on and Add to Cart! (and whilst you’re here spoil yourself with a shower cap that YOU want!) So Pretty Shower Caps are, and have always been, shower caps with Style, Colour and Fun since 2002 (not a typo!). So the Farm Gal shower cap is the Fun part of the equation in this instance!

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